About Us

Who are we?

The Garden Gate is an independent kindergarten program for children ages three to six years old. Led by a Waldorf-trained educator, it brings a refreshing alternative approach to early childhood education. Full or part-time enrolment is available.

At The Garden Gate, we are committed to providing a warm and nurturing atmosphere which children can develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. We believe in creating a calming envrionment, filled with natural materials for the children's exploration and learning.

The natural rhythm of a day at Garden Gate includes:

  • free play
  • outdoor play
  • circle time
  • story-telling
  • puppetry

This program meets the developing child with joy, wonder and beauty.


Meet The Teacher



Yasmeen Osman has over 20 years in Early Childhood Education. She taught for 11 years at Parsifal Waldorf School, with 10 years as a lead kindergarten teacher. She has gained valuable experience mentoring student teachers for the West Coast Institute, a Waldorf Early Childhood Training Centre.

Yasmeen received her Waldorf early childhood education training at Sunbridge College in New York.  Previously she studied in the Faculties of Science, graduating with a degree from the University of Ottawa in Biology and then took courses at Carleton University in Psychology, focusing on Child Development. Her commitment to ongoing professional development remains a priority.

Our Philosophy
To celebrate childhood in its entirety means to allow children the time to experience life as a child; at their own pace, and in a way that respects both the common stages of children’s unfolding development and their unique individuality.

Creative free play engages the child fully, and is the cornerstone of the program. Singing games, stories, puppet shows, crafts, painting and beeswax modeling serve to foster and nurture the children's imagination. Many opportunities for both large and fine motor development through play and circle activities strengthen their capacity for physical coordination and sensory integration.

The natural world is the source of inspiration for the children so there is a healthy balance of time playing and creating both indoors and outdoors.

Young children learn through:

  •  imitation
  •  by witnessing the behaviour of role models around them
  •  then expressing themselves in the world.

The primary role of the adult is to develop a relationship with the child that is filled with love, kindness and warmth. Clarity and inner conviction allow the adult to set clear limits, which help the child to feel safe and secure. To be a role model for the children, we acknowledge the importance of the self-development of the teacher(s), both personally and professionally.